Game Based Learning and the ISTE Standards

I received my ISTE Certification a few years ago, and I've been working in the standards since they were published. One of the things I love about the ISTE Standards for Students is the universal application to any subject or class. The standards are clearly aligned to modern work skills, and can be used to guide teachers on outcomes for their learners. What if game

Getting Started with Remote Learning

During the past few weeks, many teachers have asked each other how to get started with remote learning. I've been supporting teachers around the world for a long time, and I'm currently remote teaching a group of kids as well! I put together an infographic on my top tips for getting started. I hope it helps, and feel free to share!  

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Wakelet Surf School

If I gave “tool of the year” awards, Wakelet would have received it for 2019. I feel in love in London at BETT 2019 and have been using Wakelet religiously ever since. Recently Wakelet premiered its Surf School landing page to help teachers and students get started with Wakelet. It’s the perfect way to introduce what Wakelet does and how to use it in your

PowerPoint Recorder

Today’s #becktacular thing is PowerPoint Recorder. This is a powerful way to flip your classroom! Give little tutorials, give directions, give a mini-lesson – all from within PowerPoint. Some teachers think they have to use PowerPoint to record a lesson, but they might use other programs more. That’s fine, because PowerPoint Recorder has screen recording too. So you can use PowerPoint as your recording tool

Getting Going with Microsoft To Do

I am a list maker! Lists run my life. Some people find it restrictive, but I find so much freedom in knowing exactly what needs to be done, and ignoring everything else. I also love being able to focus on one thing at a time and prioritize all.the.things. I used to be a Wunderlist person, and then when Microsoft started To Do (and offered an

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