I am a list maker! Lists run my life. Some people find it restrictive, but I find so much freedom in knowing exactly what needs to be done, and ignoring everything else. I also love being able to focus on one thing at a time and prioritize all.the.things. I used to be a Wunderlist person, and then when Microsoft started To Do (and offered an import tool), I moved my lists over to To Do. At the start of a new year, many people want to get more organized – and list making can be a first step.

To Do Stickers

One of the things that works great for me about To Do is recurring tasks. I have my household tasks (laundry, cleaning, etc) on recurring tasks. If it’s Wednesday, I remind my kids to do their laundry. If it’s Friday, I know I need to water the indoor plants. It makes my life simple and checking off those items early in the day means I have time to do other things later on, knowing chores aren’t sitting there waiting for me – or things that I forgot.

I use To Do at work, and I add due dates to items based on priorities and how much time I have in my day. On a heavy meeting day, I don’t mark very many items due. I know I won’t have time to finish them, and no one likes to have a bunch of overdue tasks. Part of using lists means keeping your lists realistic!

I love the “My Day” section of To Do. I can look at the things I need to do, and the upcoming things I could choose to do, and decide how I want to spend my day. If something comes up unexpectedly with my family or friends, I know that I can bump some lower priority things off my list and get to them tomorrow – because ultimately, I am in control of how I use my time. But “My Day” helps me see what I could possibly achieve and make those decisions on a daily basis. I love that!

Educators, think about this one. You canĀ share lists with your students. Make a list of their tasks for the week and share it with them. Help your students stay on track – and learn important executive function skills – by using Steps inside each Task. It’s a beautiful thing.

You can get started with Microsoft To Do by downloading the app on your preferred device (I use it on Windows 10 and iOS) and logging in with a Microsoft business or personal account.