I have been using Microsoft Edge browser since Windows 10 came out, and it’s been my favorite for awhile. Once we got access to Edge Chromium, every little problem I had with extensions and apps using Edge (which were few, to be fair) went away and it’s been the only web browser I have installed for years.

In honor of Global Accessibility Day, I wanted to point out that any person, anywhere, using Edge browser for PC, can use Immersive Reader to remove ads, clean up visual distractions, access reading tools, and even listen to the text being read aloud – on most web pages with a bunch of text. It’s a great way to reduce visual noise and focus on important reading – and it’s built right in.

In Microsoft Edge, users can access Immersive Reader’s functions to view content in a clean, accessible interface. Read more about Immersive Reader at microsoft.com/learningtools.