I decided I should keep track of all the #becktacular things I notice in the world of teaching, learning, and technology and blog about them. This is my first in the series, and I’ll be tagging each of these posts with the product highlighted plus the C from our book, so they are easy to find later for readers looking for new ideas!

Today’s post combines two of my favorite tools, Immersive Reader and Minecraft: Education Edition. Did you know you can launch Immersive Reader inside Minecraft to read signs and NPC dialogue? It is incredibly helpful! It completely supports the students who need this extra assistance for reading, including translating the text and reading it aloud.

Inside Minecraft, click on the Immersive Reader icon when viewing an NPC or press letter i on your keyboard when pointing your + at a sign.

Minecraft also provided product-specific words to the Picture Dictionary crew at Boardmaker, so words like mooshroom, creeper, and nether appear with photos for visual support!

Tags: Minecraft, Critical thinking