Today’s #becktacular thing is PowerPoint Recorder. This is a powerful way to flip your classroom! Give little tutorials, give directions, give a mini-lesson – all from within PowerPoint. Some teachers think they have to use PowerPoint to record a lesson, but they might use other programs more. That’s fine, because PowerPoint Recorder has screen recording too. So you can use PowerPoint as your recording tool but show your demonstration in another application.

Don’t forget that PowerPoint allows for inking capabilities, and video/audio combinations while recording. Never be afraid to let your students see you on video… if they see you every day, it won’t be a surprise at all!
Finally, save your recording by exporting to video. Then upload it to Microsoft Stream, and share the link with your students or other audience.

Special note: the Recording ribbon is available in the PC version of Office 365. If you’re on a different device, using the web browser, or using Office 2016, this tool isn’t available for you!

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