Lately people have been posted their “Word of the Year” images, and I took some time to choose mine. I landed on “Focused.” I picked this word because I have some fairly significant goals this year, and I’ll need to work on one at a time to get them accomplished.

Goal 1: Submit my ISTE Certified Educator Portfolio. (Okay, I’d like to pass too.) I started my ISTE Certified Educator process in September at a face-to-face two day event in Phoenix, Arizona. After that, I completed an 8-week online course, and now I have six months to submit my portfolio. The portfolio must show that I have met standard for 25 criterion through up to 14 artifacts.

Goal 2: Publish a book. Kathi Kersznowski and I just finished the first draft of our book, Sail the 7Cs with Microsoft Education, and sent it to our publisher, DBC Books Inc (Dave Burgess’s publishing house). We are thrilled to be done with this first step, and we can’t wait to hear feedback, design a cover, and get it to print before the ISTE conference in June!

Goal 3: Launch this website. I need to work on my design skills or hire someone or ask for help. I’d love to figure it out myself (oh so long ago, I designed websites as a part time job!) but my skills are super outdated and I’m not sure I can dedicate the time. But I’d love to get something permanent and easy to update and public, after sitting on this domain for years.

Goal 4: Send a monthly newsletter to my subscribers. Scratch that. Get subscribers, then send something. Ha! I’d like to send a monthly newsletter that recaps my blogs or aligns to the 7Cs or something else. I suppose I need a plan in place. But this is a last priority compared to the other monster goals above, so it’ll have to wait.

Goal 5: Finish another triathlon. I got injured during my last triathlon in August 2019, and will likely need surgery to fix a tear in fall 2020. So I’m just hoping to finish ONE MORE before that, and then I’ll take some time off to heal.